Saturday, 21 September 2013

Paper published in 'Kadın/Woman 2000, Journal for Women's Studies'

Journal for Women's Studies Special Issue: Women in Space Cilt/Volume 14 Sayı/Issue 1 Haziran/June 2013 Quest Editor: Türkan Ulusu Uraz
An Analysis on Workspaces of Turkish Cypriot Women Artists by Devrim Yücel Besim, Cyprus International University* & Hacer Başarır, Eastern Mediterranean University* Abstract This paper overviews a selection of Turkish Cypriot woman artists and their workspaces. The paper comparatively analyses them in many ways and searches for the tangible and intangible qualities of the workspaces. The analysis includes the relationships with respect to their woman identity, occupations, age, the produced works of art and the techniques they prefer to use. All of the selected artists are recognized in national and international art platforms. The selection process of Turkish Cypriot woman artists initiated with an interior design studio project and continued with snowball effect during the semi-structured interviews. Based on this original data, the paper aims to shed some light on the relationship between the woman artists’, the artworks, and the spaces in which they are being produced. Key words: woman, space, workspace/atelier, interior design, art, artwork, Cypriot artists, North Cyprus.